May 2011 - Two
Tracks and Trails

Having almost clawed the garden back under control
following our Spring absence and the continuous growth of weeds,
I felt it was time to do something about establishing a few paths
throughout the garden which would be fairly easy for me to construct
and help to control the weeds.

I found the perfect answer while visiting this native garden (above) in the Dandenongs -
After being laid for some time, it packs down to a beautifully patchy coloured,
pleasant to walk on pathway. And it won't be too heavy for me to barrow around.

So this is what 8cubic metres of sawdust looks like.
I cound hardly wait to get started.

I think there can be few jobs quite as instantly rewarding
as trundling around with barrowloads of sawdust,
spreading it thickly, and seeing swift progress.

Pathway No. 2 was down beside the irrigation bed,
where no grass will grow and the ground gets very slippery in winter.
I wanted to make a new track through the trees to the right
but unfortunately there was my unsightly heap of grass right in the way.
Soon shifted it to a less visible spot.

There we are! Heap of grass shifted, and a couple of pots and rocks
placed where they hopefully invite exploration of the little track.

I'll have to do a bit of pruning to keep the narrow pathways clear
but I think they're a worthwhile addition to the garden.

And this is what it looks like if you turn around and come out the way you went in
(but you can go right through and join up with the main path at the bottom of the garden).

Another track through the ti trees.
The paths will look better when bedded down and darker in colour.

After completing all these tracks and trails there was still plenty of sawdust left over
so Jonni and I gave the same treatment to all the pathways around the Vegie Garden.

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