November 2009

A Closer Look

The banksia caleyi doesn't look as if it's going to open any further.
The dead cone to the right was last year's flower which never developed
any colour before it upped and died off!

The flowers of the wallaby grass have a silver sheen with maroon tips - beautiful in the breeze

This is the flower of the Brachychiton populneus.
This tree only began flowering last year even though it's been here since before 2002.

I'm amazed that these quite small flowers produce such enormous seed pods.

I do love to see the bees with their little noses stuffed into the flowers

I have tried to grow this lovely plant (Isotoma Axillaris) from seed and cutting
but failed miserably. However, it just pops up in the gravel paths and
various pots and blooms away happily, so now I just let it do it's own thing
and stop trying to influence its choice of a home

The flowers are a delightful blue, but the sap can be quite a bad skin irritant

And speaking of things that like to choose their own homes -
This kangaroo paw decided it wanted to live in the middle of the path,
perhaps because the snails don't seem to like travelling on the small stones

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