October 2007

The garden just seems to spring into life around October.
Here are a few photos of my favourite plants.

A Leptospernum (prostrate - not sure which one)

Grevillea lanigera (Woolly Grevillea - also prostrate)

Thomasia pygmaea
We have too many frosts for this to survive in the ground here,
but it is very happy in a sheltered spot in a pot
I think this is the third spring this has flowered profusely -
and the small leaves are also beautiful

Eremophila nivea
This is not a grafted plant and it has thrived for about four years now
I don't expect it to last for ever, but it has far exceeded my expectations

Lechenaultia biloba
Another plant which does well for me in a pot

Two colour variations look beautiful together

Kennedia macrophylla
I am hoping that this will climb over our water tank and mingle with the
several purple hardenbergias I've planted around the base

Chorizema cordatum
This plant seems to shrivel up and die in places where I expect it to do well
and thrives in harsher spots in the garden!

Doesn't nature blend her colours so well?
The deep bronze seed pods of the Dodonaea borononiafolia
with a purple Prostanthera behind
and the silver leaves of the Eucalyptus pulvurulenta

A closer view of the beautiful seed pods,
which stay on the bush for many months

The Banksia blechnifolia gives me great pleasure every year
with several stunning woolly flowers

I think this is an Eremophela glabra, but I'm no expert, so I could be wrong!

Darwinia citriodora
I wondered how this plant would cope with living on the irrigation bed,
where all the water from the treatment plant is discharged through a series of drippers,
but it seems to be never without flowers - and spreading profusely

Another surprise for me was the speed with which the two forms of
Acacia glaucoptra have grown and bloomed
I can hardly believe the extent the branches have grown in one year

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