October 2011 - Two
Still Enjoying Spring

A profusion of colour is everywhere I look, tumbling over rocks
or blooms waving high in the air.

I've probably shown a fresh photo of this thomasia macrantha every spring since I planted it,
but each year I think it can't possibly stretch any further across the garden,
survive one more frost, or bloom as well as it did last year. But it always surprises me.

This year the callistemons seem to have benefitted from all the rain
and are full of flowers, as well as buzzing with bees.

I have never counted the many callistemonsin the garden, but one day I will.
There are white, pink, red, pale mauve and darker mauve colours, as well as a variety of forms.
My favourites are the weeping ones, like Dawson River Weeper, Harkness and Hannah Ray.

My sawdust paths have now been down for several months, and I think they are
a resounding success. The colour has mellowed, they are lovely to walk on,
and they've done a wonderful job of suppressing the weeds.

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