Meter Box Transformation
6 July2003

tim and meter box
It's wonderful to finally have a meter box attached to our garage -
and even more wonderful now that the power has been connected....................... BUT!!!!
The meter box itself didn't exactly add anything to our lovely rustic building.
So, I swung into gear with my little pots of paint.........

painted meter box
First on one side, to see how the paint behaved on the white metal,
Then, onto the front panel.........

decorated meter box
This was the result of what I had intended as the base coat,
over which I had planned to darken it down quite a bit.
However, Jonni declared he liked it just as it was, so for time being I've left it.
Perhaps in a week or two I may sneak over it again with a few changes!
There are probably those who prefer the pristine white original version?

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