The New Studio - At Last!
30 October 2005

Sometimes I have to work, and the light up here
is really good, but Jonni is usually within earshot hammering away at something,
so drastic my trusty earmuffs are much appreciated.

I can't tell you how heavy the four drawer filing was to get up the stairs!
Yes - we took out all the files, but we just couldn't find how to remove the drawers.
The map drawers were just too big to get past the first landing,
so we had to remove the balustrade and heave it up through
the stair well onto the upstairs floor. Sadly we no longer have anywhere
to attach the chain block so we couldn't use that any more.

It will be quite a while before we have time to build all the shelving and cupboards,
so in the meantime it's a case of making do with whatever I can find to put
things in or on. Mum's old kitchen chairs are proving very useful to hold up my precious
set of 'pigeon holes'. But at last I have S..P..A..C..E..!

Although the studio windows are facing west, and therefore have to be quite small
to avoid the summer sun, I do have a lovely outlook, whichever way I look.
This window lets me look right down the garden

This one shows my favourite gum tree, and if I stand in front of this window
I can look straight down onto the pond below.

This window faces south and I can see the hills in the distance

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