Measurements: 15cm high x 10.5cm wide x 2.5cm thick (approx.)

The story of our resident swamp rats has resulted in so many emails regarding these enchanting little creatures
that I decided to make them the subject of one of my hand crafted books.

What began as a simple project morphed (as my books tend to do) into a major undertaking.
A detailed description of the whole process can be read here

Briefly, the story has been written by me (Cecilia) and then the page layout wrestled into shape by my husband Jonni.
Twentythree photos were chosen to be commercially printed and fixed to the text pages with acid free tape.

The text pages (numbered to twentyseven - right hand side only)
are laser printed on 100 gsm paper, using P22 Peanut font,
and then dyed with strong tea to fit in with the 'rustic' feel of the book.

The three signatures of the book are each wrapped with a folio of handmade paper made from the native grass
inhabited by the swamp rats - poa labillardiera.

Front and back boards are covered, outside and in, with handmade paper
made from the stems of kangaroo paw flowers.
The photograph makes the covers look rather warped - but unfortunately my photography is not as good
as my bookbinding and I can assure you that the covers are actually straight and flat!

The spine is suede reinforced with tyvek for stability.
The book is handstitched with multicoloured cotton thread
using a design from one of Keith Smith's books of non-adhesive bindings.

Price A$200, plus gst plus A$8.00 postage & packing in Australia
Enquiries outside Australia please email

For any queries, please email Cecilia

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