13 July 2003
Even though we are in the middle of winter, there are always joyous sights
to be found in various corners of the garden

Acacia fimbriata
The greys and greens of the already flowering acacia and the not yet flowering
acacia fimbriata in the foreground (lovely soft feathery foliage),
combine so beautifully with the grey leaves of the eucalyptus growing behind.

Banksia serrata
This Banksia serrata always reminds of the Big Bad Banksia Men in the story.
It's carrying quite a few of these wonderful huge flowers

grevillea rosmarinifolia Nana
This delicate little grevillea rosmarinifolia Nana can now enjoy a less cluttered stage
now that the creeper has lost all its leaves for the winter

This one grows by the shed too and drapes itself over the rocks

Hakea gibbosa
This Hakea gibbosa has very delicate flowers.
The wind made it a bit difficult to get a good photo.

I just missed the New Holland Honeyeater which had been feeding on these flowers

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