April 2011 - Two
Casualties of Drought & Flood

The shrub showing signs of being on its last legs didn't even reach up to my knee
when we first bought this land. Now, sadly it looks as if its days are numbered.
At least I know it's not dying through lack of water!


I think this wonderful banksia serrata must be at least thirty years old .
It was a magnificent tree in our first years here, but then appeared
to suffer from the years of drought.
Then came the rains - and I expected it to pick up and show signs of new leaves,
but this didn't happen, and closer investigation around the base of the trunk
showed that whoever planted it laid carpet all around the trunk.
I don't know if this contributed to its demise, but it is now surely dead
and I leave it here to remind me that no matter how much you care for something
it will not be there for ever.


Going away on holiday in springtime is not a good idea!
The constant rain prevented me from tackling this awfully invasive grass before we
took off for New Zealand for three weeks in October.
When we returned, the whole garden looked like a jungle, and it's only now that I
can take some time away from 'ivy gathering' to tackle this carpet of grass.


Just one little patch to remove from around this acacia fimbriata,
and at least one section is looking better.


Here's one of the three heaps of grass which I've removed.
The other two heaps are just as large.


As this side of the garden has become quite shady, and I also need to grow a screen along the fence line
I planted several of the Mountain Correas (correa laurenciana), and they are doing very well so far.


Some of them have pink flowers and some have green.


And once again, the ornamental vine over the pergola on the north side of the house
provides the most magical colours in the late afternoon sun.


The casuarina copse also enjoys the afternoon sun -
although I worry that the soggy ground is causing a worrying lean on a couple
of the trees carrying heavy canopies.


Just one more photo of our beautiful vine before it begins its winter slumber.

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