August 2008

More Winter Flowers

The tussock grasses of which I think I planted two or three, have self sown all over the place
and were cut to the ground back in the summer, because of the danger of bushfires

The grasses have a metro system of above-ground runways made by the swamp rats
and although I know most of these grasses will have to come out,
I try to do it a little at a time so I don't upset them.
I should say that digging out these grasses proved too much of a challenge for me
and I had to call it 'bushfire maintenance' and then Jonni cheerfully
got to work with his crowbar!

The grevillea lanigera shows no sign of diminishing in its abundance of flowers
even though the little swampies seem to have made it a crossing point
for several of their runs.

The acacia cultriformis looks as if it it's not going to stop spreading its wings.
I gave it a pretty good haircut after its last flowering, but I think that just
gave it added encouragement

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