August 2009

It All Begins Again

I think I've let this hardenbergia run amuck!
It's climbed half way up the acacia behind it and I think I'm going to have to
take a bit of drastic action

The little spinebills have been enjoying the flowers on this eremophila

A couple of years ago this guichenotia was looking decidely frost bitten
but with a bit of a snip here and there it has survived the winter well so far,
but here in the valley we do get some quite harsh frosts right up to October
so I'm keeping my fingers crossed

The tatty mess you can see to the left of the piece of timber edging is part of a
self sown tomato plant from which I've harvested buckets of fruit for weeks and weeks.
It stretches from the mudbrick wall, then travels across what is supposed to be a path
and has gone down into the pond on the left of the photo.
Picking those tomatoes was not easy!

.......and here comes the ornamental grape vine!

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