December 2011 - One
It's Summer

Sometimes it's impossible to see the beginning of the plant in the pot.
The fern above was many years ago a single piece of a hare's foot fern given to me by a friend.
I planted it into a lovely terracotta pot, and sat it on a large stump of red gum
which had also been given to me by a friend. They had brought me down a trailer load
of red gum from their property in Candelo (NSW) for the open fire, while I was still
living in Montrose. The red gum stump was just perfect for the fern,
which proceeded to grow its feet down towards the ground for many years.

When we moved to The Duckpond, I tried to lift the pot off the stump, but the fern
had grown so securely into the trunk that there was no pot visible
and the fern, pot and tree stump were relocated in one unit - as they remain to this day.

Another resident in the Montrose garden was a bank completely covered by creeping lassiandra.
It was quite fussy about where it would grow - or (mostly) not, and the bank was the only place it thrived.
By filling a pot with soil and tucking it under a clump of trailers, it miraculously took root
so I just brought the pot over to The Duckpond and placed it at the foot of the fern
where it has spread happily. Goodness knows whereabouts the pot is under the expanse of its wanderings.

The creeping lassiandra blooms for weeks on end, and I'm so pleased that it approves of its new home

I'm not sure how far it intends to spread, but for the moment I'll just let it wander at will


Some of the Australian plants which I've had no success with in the ground,
have done well in pots - like this billardia

This Baeckea virgata 'Wirreanda White Cascade' reaches to the ground
and is a spectacular sight for many weeks at this time every year.

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