A Lump of Wood or Two
12 June 2003

timber for frame
It was really exciting to arrive at The Duckpond this morning and find
that the timber had arrived the day before.
As the recent rain (and Jonni's diligent slab-hosing), had created rather a mudbath
around the slab, Erik and Fred had spread a truckload of sawdust around,
to keep the timber clean and make it a little more pleasant to negotiate the work site.

cypress macrocarpa
The cypress macrocarpa has wonderful grain and many lovely knots.
I just can't wait to get my little oily brush onto them, but I suppose I'll have to wait
until they've been stood up and attached to the slab.

cypress macrocarpa
Although Jonni had told me that the poles would measure 10"(25cm) x 10"(25cm),
I was pleasantly surprised to find that 10 x 10 are such lovely solid poles.
I'm afraid that the measurements were just numbers to me - but now they are something
my brain can see and comprehend!

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