The First Roof
15 October 2003

It's been hard to get going again after the loss of Mum, but with the promise of several fine
days at the beginning of October, we decided to try to get the roof on the part of the house
which was to have been Mum's.

As the ceiling lining boards have to go on first, we have to keep them dry until the tin is in place.

beginning the roof
So far so good. Blue skies and a lovely warm day..................until

The clouds appeared ..........

tarps on roof
................... and we raced for the tarps!

After several similar days of broken promises of fine days,
we finally finished the timber ceiling linings,
battens and wool insulation and were all ready for our roof plumber
Ollie Voges, and his offsider Rob King.

first colorbond roof
Once again we were blessed with splendid local tradesmen, who turned up
when they said they would, and were thoroughly pleasant to work with.

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