Our Mudbricks Arrive
25 October 2003

We have long anticipated the arrival of our mudbricks, which we purchased from Mudlark Bricks, in Eltham.
If we had been twenty years younger we probably would have made them ourselves - but we didn't!

We waited to arrange delivery until we had at least one section of the roof on and could store some of them under cover, with the rest being conveniently plonked at strategic points around the building site.

That was the plan...............

mudbricks arrive
Once again we were fortunate to have trucks which turned up when they said they would.
Actually Adam, the carrier, and his father, were five minutes early!

mudbricks being unloaded
We had not realised how tall forklifts are and of course this put paid to our dream
of h aving all our bricks conveniently to hand.

stacks of mud bricks
Adam poked several pallets in under the verandah and then took some down to the lower end of house,
where we thought he was going to be staying permanently!

The recent rains have made the ground very soft and we almost had one very bogged forklift.
But, with a most delightful smile on his face, Adam skillfully extricated himself and decided to
put the next ones over on the other side of the house.

forklift bogged
Several pallets but this was about the limit!

mudbrick stacks
The remainder was left safely on the edge of the drive.

A conveyer belt would come in REALLY handy I think!

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