An Initiation into Scaffolding
7 November 2003

As our timbers (cypress macrocarpa) is still green, it's necessary to treat it with a timber preservative to prevent the formation of moulds and fungii. For this we are using Grimes Bros timber preservative.

But first the awful job of sanding had to be tackled, and for this we needed a scaffolding platform
so that we could reach the high ends of the main rafters. We are fortunate that just down the hill there is a place which makes and hires this equipment - they even give you a little plan of how to put the bits together.

scaffolding tower
The first few pieces were quite easy

scaffolding tower
Once it got a bit higher, it wasn't quite so easy and we were glad of the diagrams provided

erecting scaffolding tower
It's very easy to move around the floor
(as long as you remember to release the brakes on the wheels)!

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