The High Roof
25 November 2003

guard rails
To make it safe to work on such a high roof, we had guard rails fitted.

guard rails
It's quite a long drop from up top - especially at the pond end of the house.
Getting the long sheets of iron up there was also a challenge, and I was fascinated to
watch how Rob and Ollie went about it.

the long sheets
First they dragged the sheet out towards the fence.

putting up the sheets
Then, while Ollie held one end firm to the ground, Rob picked up the other end and walked
(actually I think he ran!) towards Ollie, at the same time pushing the iron sheet over his head.

flipping the sheets
Then they neatly flipped it over.....................

flipping the sheets
bringing it to rest against the top guard rail.

pulling up the sheets
Now they dragged it back a bit so that they could get it onto the lower guard rail.
Finally Ollie whizzed up onto the roof and dragged the sheet in place.

completed colorbond roof
After a couple more days of working in the blistering heat, our roof was finally complete.

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