Bricklaying at Last
30 November 2003

pre bricklaying lunch
Now that we are ready to begin laying bricks, it was time to entice the 'family muscle'
aka Tim and Adam, together with partners Georgie and Justine, with a basket of
home made rolls to boost their energy levels.

first mortar mix
It was the maiden voyage for our snazzy red cement mixer, and it looks as if Jonni's
being careful not to get it too wet!

getting it just right
There was much knowledgeable opnion offered on the correct consistency for our first batch of mortar.

the first brick
It was unanimously decided that Jonni should lay the first brick.
(not too sure about that strange looking mortar!)

adam and tim carry on
After we'd all laid one brick, we left it to Tim and Adam to show off their skills.

looking worried
They look understandably a little concerned about the distance between their bricks and the stringline.

the first four rows
But in the end our first four rows were completed.

iced tea
We'd promised drinks after the completed four rows, but I don't think iced tea was
what Tim had been expecting!

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