The Family Joins in Again
3 January 2004

We are always grateful when family or friends arrive to offer a helping hand.

heidi's brick
I must have a word with daughter Heidi about appropriate attire for bricklaying!

peter's bricklaying
Fortunately Peter had a better idea of what to wear and his rows of bricks are beautifully straight,
despite his frustration at finding no two bricks the same size or shape

mud brick wall
In the meantime Jonni and I carried on with the wall
which Adam and Tim began on our first bricklaying day
The courses of red bricks are necessary as they are below ground level
with the greenhouse behind. The inside walls will eventually be rendered and the lower part
of this wall will be obscured by furniture.

more mud bricks
We added more courses to the east walls................

mud brick wall
And began working on the walls of the single storey section of the building

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