Bringing in the Bricks
20 January 2004

It's fortunate that Jonni is a methodical creature. It would never have occurred to me that,
as we are laying the bricks from the inside, it might be a good idea to bring in the required bricks
before putting up the walls!

Due to the forklift getting bogged while delivering the palettes of bricks back in October,
they have been sitting quite a long way from the centre of operations.

ride on mower
Enter Cecilia to the rescue - with her lifty little baby tractor/mower and very cute tipper trailer.
With a load limit of 300kg, it easily carried 15 bricks per load, into the house

bringing in the bricks
I had the best job, as Jonni and Tim loaded up the trailer and restacked them inside,
while I just drove in the still unbuilt wall opening, around the post,
and back out the opening for the next lot.

millie in her house
Millie, the guard dog (ha ha) wasn't much help at all,
preferring to spend most of her time in her temporary living quarters!

morning tea
After shifting the seventh paletteload, it was a good time to try out
Tim's latest find in one of the city's 'hard rubbish' collections.................

barbeque lunch
A still very useable barbecue!
....... and where did we set up our new (if slightly wobbly) barbeque?
In the kitchen of course!

dragonfly on mud brick
Lunch smelled so good that a dragonfly decided to join us

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