Ollie's New Toy on the Job
30 January 2004

Summer is a good time for the waste water treatment plant to be installed.
We decided on the Ozzi Kleen as it consists of only one not terribly large tank,
and we have heard good reports from other satisfied users.

Friday - Saturday - Monday

ozzikleen tank
The tank is small enough to be delivered on a trailer

ollie digging hole
I was so impressed with Ollie's new toy. A lovely little Kubota mini digger.
If I ever win the big lottery prize I will be buying one of these little gems -
I'm sure I could find all sorts of useful stuff for it to do!
It's only a little machine, but it managed to dig a sizeable hole......

tank in hole
.... and place the tank into position.
I think Jonni was a bit nervous that Ollie and his digger might finish
up in the hole too, but it proved its efficiency and managed to stay 'on dry land'

cecilia on ollie's kubota
I just couldn't wait for Ollie to turn his back a moment
so that I could climb aboard and try it for size

Saturday - 30 January 2004

Ollie and Rob worked hard all Friday to get the storm water drains dug and the pipes in.
They plan to be back on Monday to fit downpipes and backfill the trenches!

pouring rain
Well! You know what they say about the 'best laid plans of mice and men', don't you?

soggy mud
Perhaps Ollie's little digger has a set of flippers in its accessory kit

Monday - 2 February 2004

digging drains
As always, true to their word, Ollie and Rob returned on Monday to create more havoc -
this time to dig trenches and put in pipes for the sewerage.

I hope one day to have a hot link here to show how this area is now
a lovely, well established garden! But I think that will not be ready for a week or two (?!)

muddy kubota
There was of course a price to pay for the creation of all that chaos

ollie and rob
Rob was persuaded to help restore Ollie's best toy to its original splendour.
(I'm sure I heard Ollie say something about
Rob not being allowed to play with it any more if he didn't help clean it up)

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