Nick Puts it Straight
24 February 2004

Naturally, since the torrential rain that bucketed down while all the trenches were being dug,
we have had not even a sprinkle! Now the grounds around the house are pure dust!

We decided to take advantage of the dry spell to sort out the garden beds so that
they could be planted up before autumn. I was specially keen to set up a bed for me to plant
a screen around the treatment plant.

nick doing rocks
Nick Pitt from NGP Excavations, Healesville, came with yet another nifty machine,
to make some order out of chaos, and to rearrange the large rocks.

nick moving rocks
Nick used the buckety thing like a spare hand,
setting it to hold a rock in place while he shored it up in front.

rocks in place
This collection of rocks faces the main north facing windows

rocks inside front gate
Two superb rocks were placed just inside the entrance gates.

Any further photos of these new garden beds will be placed in the garden section of the website
as this part is really just for house construction.

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