Water Tanks
2 March 2004

With our water tanks arriving today, we knew that we had seen the last of the rain for quite a while!

water tanks delivered
The tank people said that we had to have two people to assist the driver with the tank.
I assisted in my usual way - by taking a couple of photos.

tank rolled down drive
As Jonni rolled the tank down the drive, I was hoping he would manage to stop it rolling
before it arrived at the racecourse!

tanks in drive
The smaller tank will collect the water from the garage roof to be used on the vegie garden.

installing large tank
Jonni had constructed the base for the tank and the frame for a brush fence.
Rob and Ollie arrived to install the tank

placing the tank
With a bit of wriggling and shoving, it was finally in just the right spot

rob inside tank
Finally Rob climbed into the tank to fix the pole in the centre which holds up the top of the tank.

Now we just sit back and wait for the rain.........and wait..........and wait!

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