Closing in the Top Storey - Preparation
16 March 2004

radially sawn logs
It's now time to close in the walls of the top storey and this is how the boards were delivered.

We were lucky that Erik and Fred were able to return to give us a boost to to our progress.
When Jonni only has me to help him things don't move quite as fast as we'd like!

erik cutting off ends
I didn't think that the little chain saw could possibly cut through those logs,
but it obviously depends greatly on the operator!

freeing the boards
As the saw cut through to the core of the log, the boards fell neatly away

separated boards
It took remarkably little time for Erik to cut through all the logs

erik and shadow
By that time it was morning tea time and a chance to play with his Great Dane pup, Shadow

inside studio
Before the boards can be nailed on, the frame was wrapped with Tyvek Homewrap

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