The Boards
28 March 2004

east wall timbered
The East wall - my fabulous studio

radially sawn weatherboards
The South Wall - studio in foreground, bathroom behind and main bedroom at back.

the wonky wall
The West Wall - main bedroom and guest room with wooden vent.

close up on wonky wall
This is a close look at the West wall and the vent that Erik and Fred
constructed just because they felt like it. I really love this wall as it looks to me
as if the boards have just trickled out from under the roofline.

When I took these photos all the boards had been given
one coat of Intergrain 'Nature's Timber Oil'

cecilia on roof
Jonni was left to complete the north side of the house,
and once again I found myself up there wielding my little hammer.
Fortunately very few people will get close enough to see all the dents
around the nails where I slightly missed the target!

jonni on roof
While we still had the use of Ollie's roof ladder Jonni wasted no time
in getting the first coat of oil on the boards

oiling the boards
Now we have to get the second coat on so we can get back to the bricklaying.

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