Bricks, Bricks and Yet More Bricks!
11 May 2004

The absence of new photos over the past few weeks is no indication of a
slowdown in activity at the Duckpond!

mudbrick west wall
The west wall was finally completed - after the nightmare of creating a heap of
wedge shaped bricks for the pitch of the roof

mudbrick inside wall
A finished wall completely changes the whole feel of the room.
The internal stud wall will be lined with recycled timber some time soonish

mudbrick verandah
We've also completed the external walls on the south side of the house
on the section which was to be Mum's.
All the walkways around the house will be paved with secondhand bricks,
and the fence in front of the water tank (full!) will be lined with brushy stuff

mudbrick south wall
Another view of the same wall.
A timber panel still has to be put into the bathroom wall to house the bathroom fan

inside kitchen
The same wall, this time photographed from the inside

mudbrick north wall
We needed to use the same sand for all the north facing walls,
so thought we'd better finish these while we had the chance.
Yes - I know there's a brick missing, and there's still a small gap on the top of the other wall -
but we ran out of mortar!

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