Cecilia's Play Day
16 May 2004

tim brings kanga
My birthday present from my three children, Heidi, Tim and Adam, was a day's hire of a
little Kanga mini digger. I had been dying to do this for months, but had to wait until all our
drainage pipes were across the drive. The main job I wanted to do was to spread an
enormous heap of gravel on the drive. Tim collected the little machine for me (I think he wanted to
make sure he could have first play with it!)

tim and kanga
Tim demonstrated all the workings of the machine and gave his mother careful instruction..........

cecilia and kanga
.......all of which went in one ear and out the other, of course. Never mind - a quick zoom up and
down the drive and I was an instant expert!

cecilia shifting gravel
However, my first effort at picking up a bucketful of gravel resulted in not much more than a cupful.
It looked as if covering the drive would take a little longer than I'd anticipated

cecilia spreading gravel
I soon got the hang of it and was happily dumping lovely big bucketfuls of gravel here and there
when Jonni made the (typical) suggestion that perhaps I should start in one spot and work
in a systematic fashion! Some people just have no idea that the 'scattergun'
approach works best for some of us!

tim and georgie
I'd only turned my back for a split second and Tim and Georgie hijacked the Kanga

cecilia grading path
Even into the afternoon, Jonni still seemed to have no faith in my earthmoving abilities

cecilia tidying up
At this point, he had the audacity to suggest I was in danger of disappearing into the pond!
No - it wasn't that we wouldn't let him have a turn! He declared that he couldn't see how
Tim and I could get so excited about a piece of machinery.
All I can say is that thank goodness some children understand their parents.
Thank you Heidi & Peter, Tim & Georgie, and Adam & Justine,
for an exciting and extremely rewarding day.

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