Help from Adam and Justine
4 June 2004

My youngest son Adam, and his partner Justine, managed to whip over
from Tasmania
to spend a day laying a few bricks.

adam and justine in greenhouse
Jonni entrusted them with the first four courses of the shared wall between the greenhouse
and the entry hall. Adam handled the bricks as if they weighed practically nothing (absolutely humiliating!)
He showed that he has a very good eye and Justine was soon a dab hand at the mortar

adam and justine
As you can see - they were pretty happy with their handiwork
(still to be cleaned up and pointed by Jonni, when it's dried a bit

adam and cecilia
As they were well wound up by now, we guided them over to one of the side walls.
The weather wasn't too kind, so some mug had to work out in the rain!
I figured this was probably preferable, as the one left inside had to do all the heavy lifting

admiring days work
Admiring his handiwork, Adam said he would like to get back soon and do some more bricklaying.
We'll be happy to have him anytime!

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