Lining Walls & Our First Door
31 August 2004

entrance hall
We are now at the stage where we'll be finishing off the single storey section of the house,
shown here through the door from the entry hall.........................

looking from entrance hall
............ so we can move in and then get stuck into finishing off the larger part,
shown here through the other door from the entry hall.

first door hung
It was exciting to see the first door swinging in its doorway - even if there were no walls either side!

messmate wall
No - we haven't used spotty timber! I thought I'd just sweep the floors
before I took a photo of our first timber wall (one more of my 'bright' ideas)
The timber is recycled messmate floorboards which we bought from Mark Kenny in Healesville.

messmate over door
This is the opposite wall and you can see (no spots this time!) the lovely gum vein markings.

pine wall in bedroom
This is the bedroom (which will eventually be a book bindery.
For this room we have just used plain old pine lining - but it still has beautiful knots.
We will give these walls a light stain to prevent it from yellowing.
This is our second door and leads into the bathroom.

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