Moving In!
10 December 2004

beatrice's bedroom
All the travelling backwards and forwards is finally over!
It's wonderful to know we can just walk out of the door, cross over the entrance hall,
and we're right on the spot to begin work.

living room occupied
We've been quite amazed that we managed to fit so much of our furniture into the house.
Where to put the armchairs took a bit of trial and error!

map drawers
My precious map drawers had to be dismantled to get them in the door,
and this really distressed Jonni as they will eventually have to be dismantled again
to get them up into the studio.

Although we won't have a proper stove until the other end of the house is finished,
we have everything we need to whip up a meal.
The gap under the bench (with the rubbish bin) will be fitted with drawers when Jonni
gets into 'drawer mode' as we complete the main kitchen.

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