The Day of the Duck
16 December 2004

Maybe strictly not 'building progress', but the Day of the Duck was such a wonderful
surprise from my children to myself and their 'wicked stepfather', that I've included it here.

Getting three adult children together in the same place at the same time doesn't happen very often,
but on this special day they arrived with two parcels, one for each of us with the announcement
that this was a combined house-warming and Christmas present, and we had to open our parcels
at the same time, not one after the other.

jonni opening parcel
The shape of the parcels gave no clue to their contents.................

cecilia opening parcel
..................and I had absolutely no idea what was to unfold

diggles the duck
I was astounded to find that our gift was one of Jim Curry's beautiful copper weathervanes
which I've admired and lusted after for years!
My parcel held the duck - complete with goggles and flying helmet, and Jonni's parcel held
the perch with the four compass points.

diggles the duck
I probably should have taken more photos of him,
but I was just too anxious to get him up onto the roof!

setting diggles free
It wasn't the easiest spot to put him, but Adam was on hand to help.

diggles aloft
He looks absolutely splendid up on the roof, and now we just have to work out whether
he flies into the wind or if he prefers a tail wind.

toasting diggles
We launched him with a bottle of champagne (the cork's still on the roof) and
named him 'Diggles' (friend of Biggles), the famous hero flier created by
writer Capt. W E Johns, so loved of young boys the world over.

Thank you Heidi & Peter, Tim & Georgie and Adam & Justine!

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