Last Brick in the Last Wall
18 March 2005

view from window
As we built the last wall of the house I rather regretted we couldn't have a window here
as the eucalypt is such a lovely sight. But I guess we have to put the stove somewhere!

last row of bricks
Just one more row of bricks to squeeze in

last brick
I don't think Jonni will be sorry not to have to heave bricks around any more

putting in last brick
The last brick!!! When we began, I never thought we'd reach this stage and I used to
go around the house with a notepad to count how many bricks we'd laid.
Actually I was more concerned with how many still had to be done

cecilia finishing wall
I finish my job as 'mortar mistress' ..........................

all walls complete
and a few days later it's all dry and complete. The pale brick half way down
on this last wall is a little plaque I inscribed with a nail -

commemorative plaque
I hope I'm not being too optimistic calculating that the house will be completed
some time in 2005

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