And a Front Door Too
26 March 2005

jonni starts front door
A few hefty boards of Spotted Gum were acquired from Urban Salvage in Spotswood
for our front door, and Jonni happily turned from bricklaying back to carpentry

front door and knocker
I It was no easy task to carry the door into the entrance hall and hold it upright
while Jonni screwed the hinges on.
I won't tell you about the bad language I could hear while he was fitting the lock!!***

dragon knocker
I bought this wrought iron dragon knocker almost twenty years ago
in the hope that it would one day be attached to the front door of a mud brick house
Today was finally the day!

inside front door
We were lucky to find some 'Florentine Bronze' hinges which look really
so much better than brass or chrome

front door oiled

I quickly got busy with my brush and a pot of tung oil to finish off our door.
Now we're waiting for the first visitor to make us leap out of our socks
with shock - as the knocker makes quite a noise!

next - Lock Up!!!

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