Upstairs Floors at Last!
12 April 2005

messmate grain
I'm sure there would be many folk reeling in horror at the thought of floor boards like these.
But I love them, and managed to commandeer the 'best' ones for my studio floor.
I do undestand that I'll have a few holes to fill - but I think it will be worth it.
Oh, by the way, the timber is recycled messmate which we acquired from
Mark Kenny, just down the road in Healesville.

erik and rod doing floors
As Jonni doesn't trust me to either measure or cut the timber accurately, it would have been a
long lengthy process for the two of us to fix the upstairs floors.
We were happy to have Erik Voorzaat to return (this time with his offsider Rod)
to do the job for us.

rod fixing floor
Erik has a wonderful new secret nail gun.
To clarify - the nails become secret and unseen, not the nailgun.
You'd have a job to keep anything that size a secret!

kitchen ceiling
As you can see from this photo - taken from downstairs - the upstairs floor
becomes the downstairs ceiling.
That is, if I get my way and we leave the beams exposed!

erik and rod finished
With the floors finished, we all sat down to celebrate yet another milestone

first guest possum
And in the meantime, the first guest was in residence in the ceiling of the guest room!
............... but not for long we hope. (Thanks Rod for taking this photo)

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