The Staircase
6 May 2005

To me, it seemed that some sort of a miracle would be required to turn these (very lovely)
pieces of timber into a staircase!

But Jonni assured me that it only needed a combination of maths and logic.
The messmate for the stairtreads and the macrocarpa for the stringers
were supplied by Tim Kennedy at Bowerbird Timber

After constructing the landing (two parts with one step difference in height),
we hauled up the stringers to double check that they would actually start and
finish in the correct spots. Phew!!!

The posts to which the balustrades will be attached are being made from salvaged
messmate which came from an old sweet factory in Prahran.

13 May 2005

With all the treads notched and sanded, they were tested to make sure they
would slide without stress into their allotted spaces

The first, last and centre treads were glued and screwed into
the stringers prior to lifting

Once again, the chain block proved its usefulness
and saved me the trouble of proving that I'm not really capable of
lifting stuff more suited to the skills of a Sumo wrestler

With the upper staircase fixed into position, Jonni (with a few not so well chosen words)
slotted in the remaining treads and all the risers

12 June 2005

At last, we can run up and down the stairs, instead
of climbing the ladder.

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