Balustrade Sneak Preview
23 July 2005

Just a stone's throw away from the Duckpond, we discovered another of Healesville's
local treasures. John Blumink, of BlueGum Ornamental Blacksmiths enthusiastically
embraced the request to design and create the balustrading for the
staircase and upstairs balcony. Bullrushes seemed just perfect to us!

As John lives so close, he was kind enough to fit the first piece as soon as it was complete.
Jonni and I felt rather sorry for him as we hovered over him while he installed the first piece.
We promised that we won't hang over his shoulder when he puts in the remaining panels!

Often, when someone else designs something for you, you have 'if onlies'.
You know how it goes - "if only he made this/that a bit smaller/larger, thicker/thinner" etc. etc
But I have to say that I found John's design to be just perfect,
and I would not wish it to be different in any manner.
The gently moving bullrush leaves and spikes
captured the organic spirit of the house so sensitively.

It looks wonderful from all angles and I just don't know how I'm going to wait
patiently for him to make the rest of the panels!

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