Back to the Walls
4 September 2005

It's now time to get back to a few wall linings.
With timber floors, timber ceilings and quite a few timber walls,
we thought it would be good to use a few alternative wall finishes.

We managed to acquire a few sheets of old roofing with just the right amount of rust on them.
We began in the studio and were surprised how quickly we covered the wall.
We debated whether to put some sort of a coating over the tin, but when we experimented
on a piece it took away the contrast between the metal and the rust,
so we decided to leave it as is.
Each of the upstairs walls has one plaster wall which I shall do 'something' with.

The timbered walls in the bedrooms are all just plain old pine lining.
I'll probably leave the studio pine walls the natural colour to retain maximum light
but the jury's still out over what happens to the two bedrooms.
Perhaps I'll stain them slightly darker.

And of course I have one more 'blank canvas' to decide whether to paint a mural,
mess around with textures.............. or a hundred other possibilities
Oh........... and don't be fooled by the vacuum cleaner, it wasn't
in any danger of actually being used!

The guest room (we have to call this Tim's room if he's listening) also sports a tin wall.
This is the only room in the house which has a 'normal' ceiling.

and the last 'what will I do with this one' wall!

We managed to get the ceiling up - complete with insulation

The last few boards were a bit tricky!

And we even have a little manhole in the ceiling in case we ever need to go up there.

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