Final Rendering Run
25 October 2005

Time to render the rest of the mudbrick walls, so we once again
hired the scaffolding tower. Jonni's getting quite quick at putting it all together.

The rendering is one of my jobs, but before I begin, Jonni makes sure he's masked
all that's in danger of my enthusiastic use of the broomhead!

I have to say that sometimes Jonni is so diligent with his 'covering up'
he doesn't leave me much light to work by!

The scaffolding tower certainly makes it easy to cover the area,
and it's very satisfying to see the walls completed one by one.
One more day to finish the kitchen area, toilet and laundry, and my rendering
job is complete. Then I wait a month before I can apply the colour coat.
We had the high lights and a fan put up while we had the tower in, and
also put the second coat of oil on the rafters.
We may have a couple of lights, but the power won't be switched on to this
section until all wall surfaces are covered.

31October 2005

Well - this is it! The very last wall to be rendered. The back corner of the laundry.

I'm very glad that job is now finished. I'm sorry I didn't wear my best shirt for such a
momentous photo. This is my 'oiling/rendering/any other dirty stuff' shirt

Now it's just about time to start designing and building the kitchen.
It won't be long before we can drag the stove out of the garage
where it's been sitting for the past twelve months.
I can almost smell the fresh bread!

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