Final Floors
30 November 2005

We began in the entrance hall, so we could match the line of tiles with the
already completed floors in the part of the house where we are currently living

Then we took a line straight through the door, along the landing,
and continued right across to the far wall.

As instructed by our retired tiler friend Phil, we worked two rows at a time
and did our best to keep the tiles up against the straight edge

I was chief tile layer and Jonni was tile cutter and straight edge shifter.
Over the next days I was to become extremely fond of my little knee pads!

The floor looked pretty messy by the time we'd finished

But by the time we'd cleaned the grouting off the first part, it looked pretty good.

I'm glad that Jonni was the one who had to work out how to get the tiles laid and
still be able to get out of the kitchen at the end of the day

6 December 2005

Now came the tricky bit where we had to work our way down the passage
to the back door, doing the laundry and toilet on the way

The laundry was finally done - just as the rain set in!

Thankfully just a couple more tiles to cut

And................. finally.......... out the back door!
Now just the last lot of grouting and another big clean up

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