Four Days to Go!
20 December 2005

While Jonni's creating more timber jigsaw puzzles up in the garage I'm back onto
one of my favourite jobs - oiling timber. We have to oil the big wall and put the second coat
on the rafters and window frames (after cleaning off all the accumulated dust),
before we can put on the Grimes' mudstone colour coat

21 December 2005

Now that the entrance landing floor has been tiled, John Blumink called in
to fit the final balustrade. We are so thrilled with his beautiful work

22 December 2005

Before I begin sloshing paint around Jonni likes to do his best to protect the timber
with copious drop sheets and masking tape

I'd really like to get all the walls in this room painted before Christmas Eve,
but there's quite an area to cover (two coats) and I'm not sure I'll manage to get it all done

24 December 2005

Well, we didn't quite get done all we would have liked. Things were slowed down a little
by Jonni injuring his back yesterday while lifting the fire pump. With the first total fire ban
he decided we should have a fire drill - and of course the pump was stuck behind a heap of timber!

However, the frantic frenzied rush was well worth it, as the family were suitably surprised
to find us dining in the 'new' room, and it was wonderful to be able to get the feel of the room
on such a lovely summer's Christmas Eve among the family

It had all been such a rush that Jonni never did get to find his shoes

As you can see from the left side of this photo - it's soon going to be back to work for us!
In the meantime, Jonni and I wish you all a Happy Christmas
or whatever festival you are celebrating around this time of the year.

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