A Bit of Outside Work
20 September - 1 December 2006

Jonni built the retaining wall at the west end of the house (we were given a quote of $9,000 so
he thought he'd better get busy and do it himself).
Then it was the moment to get stuck into the stairs. First he stripped a branch from a
eucalypt for the hand rail and then moved onto the stairs themselves - with help
from his 'never far away' spirit level.

I expected him to work from the top down - but then I always do things back to front.
Anyway - he seemed to think he knew what he was doing, so I didn't ask if he
wanted my advice before he got himself in a pickle!

Once again, it appears that Jonni's methodical approach is not a bad way to go about things.

Next came the awful job of laying the brick paving.
I did offer to do it (my way), but Jonni wanted it done 'properly' (hmph!)

Well - I suppose I have to admit that it doesn't look too bad, after all.

Little Bits and Pieces

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