Our New Bed!
May 2007

"So"? I can hear you asking
"What's a photo of a eucalyptus rubida tree got to do with your new bed?

Pretty much everything, really!
The arrow on the above photo shows where a branch of this beautifu ltree,
just down the road from The Duckpond fell suddenly and conveniently.
Jonni and I cleaned up the 'debris' and brought it home in the back of our trusty ute.

Jonni stripped off the bark and left the pieces in the garage to dry out.

Although it would have been better to allow more drying time,
we were in need of a new bed, so Jonni set to work,
making the bits for his next jigsaw puzzle

Here's the finished foot end and the beginning of the bed head.
This is Jonni's first attempt at making this sort of structure,
and he found it really challenging as he had very few straight lines to measure!

Here's the finished bed head.
The very pale vertical pieces in the middle are from the acacia tree we had to
pull out when we were cleaning out the pond.
The dark pieces are from other trees around the place.

It was hard to wait until the oiled frame was dry, before throwing on the bed clothes.
Now that the bed's in place, I can plan the design and colours
of the mural I'm going to paint on the plaster wall

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