Cupboard Doors - and even Drawers!
October 2007

Poor Jonni nearly fell down in a dead faint when he counted up all the cupboard doors
he had to make - over seventy-five!

In typical fashion (unlike his wife), he approached the task methodically,
beginning in the kitchen, making the twig handles as he went.
Following a suggestion received from a member of Country Plans Forum
each handle was attached from inside the cupboard/drawer, through a piece of copper tube.
(Many thanks Jonesy!)

The timber is messmate and the twigs are a mixture of eucalyptus, acacia
or whatever we could find lying around.
They were dried out in the microwave as some of it was green -
so we're keeping our fingers crossed that they don't split.

The two large drawers hold our recycling bins. P
aper stuff goes in the top one and bottles and cans in the bottom

The cupboard to the left of the sink holds a pull out unit with three separate plastic bins.
One is for rubbish, one for the compost bin and the third for the worm farm.
The piece of green marble sitting on the bench is about to be built into
a bread-making trolley on wheels.

Next on Jonni's list were the bathroom cupboards.

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