The Bread Trolley
December 2007

I have been a bread maker for about 35 years, but no matter how careful I am,
somehow I always manage to end up with flour all over the floor!
So I asked Jonni if he could build me a bread trolley with raised edges
to prevent the usual 'flour storm' and a marble top which I thought
would be an easier surface to clean

With the base making use of some left over cypress macrocarpa
and the edges of blackwood left over from the bench tops
I was impressed with the finished result.
The trolley had to be bulky to support the weight of the marble
with no danger of tipping over

We bought the marble from a place in Richmond (took some finding with all the
one way streets going in different directions.
I asked for a dark green marble, preferably without any white.
They dragged out a huge slab with a chain block, wiped off the dust
and asked me to show which piece I liked best
Several hours we returned and picked it up - all polished
and with the front edge rounded off. I was absolutely delighted.

Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so as soon as the bead of silicone
around the top edge of the marble was dry, out came the breadmaking stuff

I never make just plain bread - it always has seeds or nuts of some sort added into
the basic unbleached and wholemeal flour. I used to grind my own flour but haven't
managed to locate the stone grinder since we moved.
Today's loaf will be with poppy seeds and pecan nuts
Here it is all mixed up. It will then be covered and left to rise for 15 minutes

The dough is turned out onto the superrrrrrrrrrb marble slab, kneaded a bit
and then shaped and dropped into the bread tin.
I was not disappointed when it came to cleaning the marble. I scraped of the excess flour
and dough with a plastic spatula, and then it only needed a wipe over with a damp cloth.

After 20 minutes it's almost escaping out of the tin
(I got distracted and forgot to keep a close eye on it!)
All ready to go into the oven

And thank goodness for that - the bread trolley works splendidly.
Can you smell it? - I certainly can!

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