Did you Know?
20 March 2003

I was amazed to find that the construction of a frame begins with two bits of wood, lying on the ground, joined together by a metal rectangle covered with prongy things!

cecilia drilling holes
I soon got into the swing of things and developed quite a talent for drilling holes in the bottom of the frame
with the trusty De Walt............... um....... did I say the bottom of the frame?
Never mind - perhaps nobody will notice a few extra airholes along the top!

tim and jonni framing
Tim and Jonni busy with the front part. Would it be a bit 'know all' of me to point out
that the lintel is supposed to go over the top of the door?

georgie with her hammer
Georgie decides to stand by with her little hammer to make sure all nails are properly in.

four walls up
At last all four walls are upright - and I just can't wait to see what the views are like from the windows!

south side window

east side window

west side window
Yes, I know it's just a garage, but a pleasant view is quite a bonus and I'm more than happy with these.

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