The Garden Warming Party
7 April 2002

beatrice tour guide
As our housewarming party is still quite a way off, we thought it would be lovely to invite
our family and friends to a Garden Warming Party.
It was a 'BYO Everything' event, but we did manage to organise the most perfect weather!
Here's Mum (Beatrice) setting off on the first 'conducted tour' of the day.

garden party
Mum was thrilled to find that so many of her friends made the expedition out to Healesville
to join us on this wonderful day.

garden party guests
The weather was so warm that some felt the need to seek shelter in the shade.

anna's metal sculpture
This beautiful metal sculpture was a garden warming gift from the Dunolly Ashtons,
made by Anna and her plasma cutter!
It is a replica of the tiny little drawing I made and printed on the invitation envelopes.
It depicts Jonni with his resurrected heart (or is it the old discarded one?),
Mum with her beloved VW beetle, and me (Cecilia) endeavouring to grow Australian native plants.
It will find itself a treasured feature in our new garden.

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