A Walk Through the Garden
I took these photos the day we first discovered the land that had been waiting for us!
February 2002

duckpond drive
I really love the driveway, which enters at the back of the property.

banksia bed
The banksias in every part of the garden look so at home
(and they're obviously inhabited by some of the Big Bad Banksia Men).

ned kelly grevillea
The standard Ned Kelly Grevillea is beautifully contrasted by another, softer foliaged grevillea
and a feathery white shrub, which I think is a Thryptomene (sp?

grevillea longistyla
The flowers of the grevilleas are complex and very beautiful.

beatrice weeding
Beatrice just can't keep her hands off the weeds!

beatrice weeding
Here's Beatrice doing the honours, pulling out the FIRST weed
(and this before we even owned the place)!

raised bed and rocks
I just don't seem to be able to resist taking photos of these superb rocks

allocasuarina copse
You can stand in the middle of this copse of casuarinas and watch the pondlife.

duckpond garden
I know there's quite a lot of grass to mow - but then I've always wanted an excuse to own a ride-on mower.

duckpond garden
This photo is taken from the bottom end of the property, so that's the end of our walk.

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