January 2006
Illustrating the Problems

Problem No. 1
It has been my wish right from the start, that the house and garden should blend
in a way that they look as if they truly belong together.
The depth of the excavation for the house (the minimum which could be achieved)
would need some sort of retaining wall

As the level of the land dropped away, the height of the bank diminished a little
and I had managed to plant a sloping bed, which didn't look too bad this end of the house.

But the intrusive bank (which would eventually sport a retaining wall),
created an undeniable devision between house and garden.

Problem No. 2

I was also less than enchanted by the boring strip of grass which stretched
from the drive right along the length of the whole building.

Problem No. 3

On the deepest side of the pond, a grassy bank sloped quite severely.
There was no way I was brave enough to mow this section with the rideon mower.
With the ordinary mower, I lost count of how many times I'd almost lost it as I
pushed it too close to the edge of the bank.
If I used the whipper snipper, the pond ended up full of all the cut grass.

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