January 2008

The Acacia cognatas planted along the left side of the drive
to protect the west wall of the house have grown at at amazing rate
in just a couple of years and are now higher than the roof!
I planted them too closely and we've lost a few branches in high winds

The vines planted just a couple of months ago are
hurtling up the posts!
I planted one beside each of the four posts, but our resident swamp rat
objected to two of them being close to his tunnels,
so he simply chewed through the roots and piffed them out!

He has runs through the grasses so I try not to cut them back too much.
If the grass is overgrowing other plants I just plait sections of them.

This was all newly planted in March 2006
It's very rewarding to see the bare earth disappearing under the ground cover

This is the south east corner of the house - outside the kitchen window
I've planted some tree ferns and other ferns to partially hide the concrete slab
which we have to be able to see in case of termite tunnels
As the morning sun would be harsh for the young tree ferns,
Jonni has put up some shade cloth which will stay there until they are well established.
In front of the ferns is part of the dry creek bed carrying the runoff from the water tank

On the other side of the shade cloth I've begun planting some low shrubs to hide the
ugly concrete slab. Hopefully they won't get too dense or tall
You can see the continuation of the creek bed down to the pond.

The copse of casuarinas (many different ones, with varied trunks)
is one of my very favourite parts of the garden.
We sit under here next to the pond to have lunch on fine days

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