January 2009

Still Fencing

I was dismayed to find that the new fenceline goes exactly through the middle of the trunk
of the lovely big eucalypt. Jonni just wouldn't be persuaded that the fence could have
a little kink in it so that I could call it my own!!

The ehrharta grass has rather taken over here, and with the ancient straggly
grevilleas hiding it effectively, I think it's not going to be an easy job to get rid of it

But in a less problematical part of the garden, just inside the front gate,
this kangaroo paw has somehow escaped the jaws of the marauding snails

This green kangaroo paw (I think it's an Albany variety from Western Australia)
has grown to this height in just two seasons!
The stems are destined to be made into paper, together with much of the
wallaby and tussock grasses, for an Aussie Plant Fibre Book workshop
run by Papermakers of Victoria Inc. to coincide with the international papermakers
conference in Burnie, Tasmania.

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